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My Journey as an Artist, Rebecca Pontius

The author, Rebecca Pontius

My journey as an artist began August 2020. One day on a family vacation, I picked up some markers and paper and drew the scene across the street. I was given some ideas on technique from the young adults who were vacationing with me. Here’s my first piece:

My first artwork – markers and paper – I called it The Sky is Falling. I gave it to my 6 year old grand nephew, who added some of the flowers and birds.

I thought “Hey, this is kind of good.” I received feedback of this kind from others and I began to feel emboldened to try other things. I would see something and say “Can I draw that?” I found that I was looking at the details of the subject and seeing things I never saw before.

Salt Marsh, colored pencil on paper.
Here’s my attempt at a sand pail on the beach. I had a lot to learn😆

Then I started to learn about other mediums beyond colored pencils and markers. I fell in love quickly with oil pastels. I watched brief You Tube videos. I also got some assistance about what to buy from the sales people at the art store.

Herb Garden In August. One of my first oil pastel pieces. I used a lesser quality oil pastel.

I discovered then that I loved plein air drawing. I also got introduced to better quality products. Once I found Sennelier oil pastels, a passion began! I started to pursue beautiful places to draw.

On one occasion, I went to Heritage Gardens in Sandwich, MA. Quite a few passersby stopped to check out what I was doing. I was a little bit intimidated, but I thought, in my best extroverted way, that I would talk to people; show them my work; tell them my story; and tell them that I love an audience.

One person, who stopped on this occasion, asked if I sold my artwork. She also said that she could tell I was good. I was only about 20% done with the piece. She bought the piece I was working on right then and there. Of course, upon completion, I mailed it to her. She asked that I add the dog and was thrilled to be my first commission.

My first sold piece!

Having sold my first piece of artwork, with only one month as an artist, thrilled me to no end! I felt so validated!

I became emboldened and started to branch out in my efforts to sell my artwork. I created an Etsy shop. I sold my first piece on Etsy in 7 days!

Marblehead Harbor, oil pastel on paper. My first Etsy sale! I was over the moon!

Who Was I Before I Became An Artist An Entrepreneur?

Before this art journey, I worked in helping professions – human services and most recently as a Registered Nurse. I have always been a patron of the arts. I am 55 years old and have been happily married for the past 30 years.

I live in Medford, Massachusetts with my husband, greyhound, and cat.

Look for my future blogs where I will continue to describe my journey. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

My artwork is for sale on

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  1. Such a rewarding pastime, isn’t it! I just started two years ago.

    1. It definitely is!

  2. Good for you for following your dream.

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