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What is it about flowers anyway?

What attracts me to the subject of flowers as an artist? The question could be posed as “Why do artists choose the subject matter that they choose?”. This could lead to an extensive discourse on the subjects of inspiration and creativity. My previous blogs delved into this subject somewhat through discussing different facets of this phenomenon.

I have been interested in the creative process of artists. I have mostly heard musicians interviewed about different aspects of their craft such as being asked about the meaning of lyrics or musical style. Their responses have been on the continuum of nothing of consequence to much deeper existential experiences. In the end, the musicians have expressed that the meaning of the music is unique to each listener. However, there does exist a collective experience in which the music has a similar impact on the listeners leading most people to agree on its meaning and expression.

Creative types often play a societal role in which their expressiveness opens doors to further understanding the human condition. The audience enjoys creativity that is moving and touching. The spectrum of all types of art do this in varying degrees to differing audiences depending upon their lived experience.

I have found this to be true in my eight months as an artist. I am a curious person with varied interest. These qualities have led me to delving into a variety of subjects in my artwork along with a variety of ways to express them. Along the way, the greatest joys that I have experienced have been the satisfaction of a work well done and the expression from others when they see my artwork.

This leads me to my topic of “What is about flowers anyway?”. For me the answer is flowers are beautiful, colorful, and delightful. Flowers add to the beauty of nature and provide a continuum for growth. Natural beauty feeds my soul. It would be expected then that I would choose flowers as a loved subject matter for my artwork.

Here are some examples:

Hydrangeas, colored pencil on paper
Red tulips and purple irises – soft pastel on paper
Lilacs – oil pastel on paper
Pansies – soft pastel and oil pastel pencil on paper
Magnolia Blossoms – oil pastel pencil on paper
These Violets are African – soft pastel on paper

Flowers are a popular subject matter for my artwork. I like to explore the subject matter in close up or as part of a group. In the case of “These Violets are African”, I loved the whimsical nature in which the play on words of African violet could be used to create a new view. I love the use of color and vibrancy that it brings to this piece. I also love the color and vibrancy that all the flower pieces contain.

I have been scolded by my 28 year old son that the flowers are trite and lack creativity. He also told me that I needed to broaden my horizons on subject matter. However, I have also had people tell me that the flowers are beautiful. There is a segment of the public that just loves them! What do you think?

I’d love to hear your comments and feedback. My flower artwork is for sale at

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