Rebecca Pontius, Journey as an Artist

Outsider Artist – That’s Me!

Discovering my artistic ability occurred by chance. I picked up markers one day and just started drawing. I would get feedback from family and salespeople at art supply stores. The feedback would involve giving me snippets of info on how to use certain objects and materials. YouTube was also a helpful resource. I would wonder […]

Why a Male Belly Dancer?

Encouragement for pursuing art comes from many places – both internal and external. One of my external influencers is my esthetician, Zubeda. Zubeda is the owner of Zubeda Spa and Salon on Salem Street in Medford, MA. During my visits to the salon, Zubeda and I would talk about my artwork. I was inspired to […]

What is it about flowers anyway?

What attracts me to the subject of flowers as an artist? The question could be posed as “Why do artists choose the subject matter that they choose?”. This could lead to an extensive discourse on the subjects of inspiration and creativity. My previous blogs delved into this subject somewhat through discussing different facets of this […]

Musicians – How did I start creating these portraits?

In my first blog post, I talked about how I became an artist. I also said that I would continue to discuss my journey into this new identity and realm. Today, I will talk about how I started to create musician portraits. Initially, I was loving the plein air aka outdoor painting. As the season […]

My Journey as an Artist, Rebecca Pontius

My journey as an artist began August 2020. One day on a family vacation, I picked up some markers and paper and drew the scene across the street. I was given some ideas on technique from the young adults who were vacationing with me. Here’s my first piece: I thought “Hey, this is kind of […]

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