Dancing in the Streets Poster


Dancing in the Streets Poster printed from an original artwork by Rebecca Pontius.

Currently, 5 are in stock. Per your request, more can be ordered.

12″x16″ poster.


Posters made from my original artwork. The original artwork was created using colored pencil and was inspired by the joy I felt after attending a retreat. Deciding to make posters from this artwork was a way to spread the joy that the artwork conveys. It puts a smile on the face of all who look at it!

I was inspired to draw this piece after attending a retreat where joy was expressed. It led to me creating joyful scenes and dancing is one way that joy is expressed. Everything in this piece is joyful and dancing! Even the buildings get in on the action!

This is a great piece for someone who like more joy in their life or wants to spread joy to others!

This lovely artwork will be mailed in a plastic envelope with cardboard backing. A rigid envelope will be used to secure the artwork.

Feel free to ask any questions!

Satisfaction guaranteed!

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 24 × 32 × 0.5 cm


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